Get to know Tracey Payne!

“I’ve been coming to Strong Heart for 4 years. 

Before I started, I was active, but not in the way I wanted… I need structure when it comes to working out, not an open gym concept. 

Me and a friend decided to try CrossFit together and that’s where my journey began! 

My first class was good. I had no idea what I was getting myself into because I’d never done CrossFit before. Everyone was friendly and encouraging and the coaches made sure the workout was something doable for a person new to the program. 

I kept coming back because I knew I wanted a change and I thought CrossFit was very interesting. The movements, the weights, and the hour-long class, all made me feel like I had really achieved something during the workout. 

And if I’m being honest it was my fellow classmates that made me even more willing to keep coming back! 

Since starting CrossFit my health has improved! I have some health issues but I’ve been able to get off SEVERAL medications, my blood work is great, and I have my diabetes under control.