I hope by now we’ve discovered some of our bad habits and have begun putting strategies in place to turn them into good ones.  Especially when it comes to getting enough quality sleep.  This week we’re going to talk about nutrition.  Many of you may have wondered why this topic didn’t come earlier in this email series.  The truth is, nutrition is extremely important for living a healthy, happy life, however, if we don’t possess the right mindset, and we have bad habits and are not aware of how to change them, any recommendations we make about diet will have short lived consequences. 

The topic of diet and nutrition are rife with misconceptions and myths.  Every few months there is another fad diet showing up on TV or social media.  You may have tried some of these diets yourself.  Our goal is to get you off of this diet cycle, and the first step to doing that is to realize that the only diet that will work for you is the diet you stick to FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! 

With that being said, there are five simple habits you can implement into your daily routine that will move you in the right direction. 

  1. Eat a lean protein source with every meal.  Protein will help you feel full and provide you with the materials to recover your body from the strenuous workouts you’ve been doing.
  2. Eat vegetables with every meal, everyone knows that vegetables are nutritious but they also are a great way to add volume (more food to eat) to your dishes without adding very many calories. 
  3. Eat the same or similar meals most of the time, meaning, have a typical breakfast meal that you eat on a regular basis, along with lunch or dinner.  Having a “go to” meal eliminates the decision making process.  Having to find something nutritious for each meal can become overwhelming and can lead to bad decisions. 
  4. Keep less nutritious foods out of your environment.  This is especially true if you are one to cave easily to cravings.  If you keep these types of food at your house for your kids lunches then throw them out, because guess what?  It’s not nutritious for anyone at any age so you’ll be doing your kids a favor too although they may not realize it now. 
  5. Eat mindfully, this means you should try and eat meals when you are doing nothing other than eating, like at the dinner table with your family and not in front of the TV or computer.  Being aware of each bite of food can lead to eating less as opposed to mindlessly eating away while your favorite show plays on the TV.

You may have tried making changes to your diet before and maybe you’ve failed to make those changes stick.  That’s where having a growth mindset, and understanding habits comes in.  Know that the difficult points on our path are where we make the most progress if we keep at it, and that changing how we react to certain triggers makes the difference between a good or a bad habit.   And always remember, If you’re still hungry after eating , have more lean meat and veggies!