Get to know Neritza!

“Before starting was doing cardio 3x a week, but I was also mostly only eating fast food. 

I decided to start at Strong Heart because I wanted to make a difference in my weight. 

The first class was great. It was a partner workout, and I was afraid that I would be out of breath quickly and not be able to finish. But everyone was so kind, and the vibes of the gym were like no other gym I’d ever gone to before, so I knew I would be back. 

The two biggest differences between Strong Heart and any other program I have tried are the community and the coaches. We’re like a family, and when you walk in the door you know that it’s about to go down! It’s fun and high-energy. 

The coaches are also so great! They are always there, the workout is planned ahead of time so you know what to do, and they help you do all the movements right. I struggle with consistency so having someone there to coach, push me, encourage me, and keep me accountable is helpful for me. 

The coaches have also helped me realize that losing weight doesn’t have to consist of eating lettuce all day and running 5 miles. You can lift weights and eat healthy carbs too and still lose weight.