Get to know Lisa Lewter!

“I had always been very active up until I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and then it went downhill very fast. After radiation, I was taking chemotherapy and that medication made me have a massive stroke which paralyzed me on the right side. 

After 4 months of PT, OT, and speech therapy I was able to move home and restart my life again. 

I was scared of myself for a long time and I didn’t trust my progress so I waited and waited to get back to being active. 

Then a few friends and I were talking one night at the beach and decided to try CrossFit together. 

I started because I was looking to try something different. My fitness level was nonexistent before I started because I hadn’t been active for a very long time, but my first class motivated me and I really liked it!

What kept me coming back was that they told me that we would do something different each day and that made me curious!

Now I have been coming to Strong Heart for 4 years and my favorite part is my 6 am crew!