Get to know John Stewart! 

“I’ve been at Strong Heart for about 7 months now, but before coming to Strong Heart I had been CrossFitting for 6 years. I was really just looking for a quality gym in the Foley area! 

Before ever starting CrossFit 6 years ago, I was a runner so I had great cardio, but I was lacking strength, so it pushed me to try CrossFit. 

My first class at Strong Heart was great. The coaches were well experienced, and the class ran efficiently. 

CrossFit has helped me add a great deal of strength and it’s even improved my cardio! 

My proudest moment so far was the 2018 Crossfit Challenge. I came in 2nd In Alabama, 31st in the Southeast, and 341 in the world in my age group. I had no idea I could do that well. But trust me, you can too!

About a month after the 2018 Crossfit challenge I was asked to take a stress test by my cardiologist. I took the treadmill test to the end and begged the tech to let me make it for 10 more minutes. 

The next day I found out I had failed the stress test and ultimately had to have triple bypass surgery with one artery 90% blocked. I never knew I had a problem until that moment.